Resurrecting Doggies



Does God care about your dog?

If I pray for my dog will God answer?

Does God answer prayer, period?

This past week our Life Group (small group Bible study) received a prayer request about a couple’s ailing dog, Buddy. Buddy had lost his sight, could not raise his head, and was failing. His owners had to pick him up and physically take him outside, and they had to watch him to keep him from hurting himself by running into walls! They took Buddy to the veterinarian but there was nothing they could do for him. It looked like this was the beginning of the end of Buddy. But nonetheless we prayed for Buddy, and I suspect in our “theological sophistication” we may have done it more to care for and love our friends, not really believing that God cared for or would answer a prayer about a dog. Not only did we pray but so did Buddy’s owner. He went home and laid his hand on his old doggie friend and prayed, “God, you answered Hezekiah’s prayer and gave him 15 more years… would you heal Buddy, and just give him a few more?” And very soon afterward Buddy was healed. Buddy’s sight was restored. Buddy’s head was raised and he stopped running into walls. Buddy’s energy and health is back almost to his prime! He is now running around and playing and can go outside by himself. This was a virtual “doggie resurrection.”

God does answer prayer.  I was so taken aback by how my friend had far more “theological sophistication” than I imagined possible with reference to a dog! He prayed a biblical prayer to the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and was definitively answered! Why should we have doubted this possible? Did God not make all dogs, let alone the whole universe by the power of His Words? Did God not raise Jesus from the dead? Did not God do this for His glory and our benefit? Why do we doubt when we pray? Is anything too trivial or too hard for Him? Buddy and his owners don’t think so… they believe in “doggie resurrections” and the power of prayer.

I, myself, am humbled… and have a new and fresh insight into the power of prayer.

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