Never, Never, Never Give Up: God is not finished with you yet!



Your life is full of trials and set backs. We spend so much of our energy just dealing with the problems, to stop the bleeding -so to speak, and never seem to get ahead. We feel our full-time job is dealing with the unexpected problems rather than getting to the things we feel are important. Many call this the “tyranny of the urgent” and this often requires a reset in our thinking and focus, but what happens when we have done everything we can and we still feel that the impossible problems of life are never going to be resolved? The question each of us asks when we face impossible circumstances of becomes less about what to do but rather if we should even keep trying. Maybe… Should we just give up?

Giving up is the first step away from the real solution, and it often is the best way to fail. Practically, giving up feels like it offers us a total solution, but in reality it often just creates more problems, and it guarantees that we will never succeed.

Do you want to succeed in life?

One hallmark of success is never giving up on your dream. Countless men and women who are now historically viewed as “successful” were viewed as failures in their greatest hour! Don’t believe this? Here are some examples of people who never gave up in the face of impossible circumstances: Walt Disney (went bankrupt and faced opposition to his dreams his whole life but revolutionized the entertainment industry), Thomas Edison (failed 10,000 times in his search for electrical power until he became wildly successful in electric power and world-changing inventions), Michael Jordan (was cut from his High School basketball team only to go on to become one of the greatest basketball players of all time), Oprah Winfrey (was fired from her first job as “unfit for TV” but kept at her dream to become the greatest TV host of her generation), Albert Einstein (“flunked” the 5th grade, didn’t get into college, and failed at his first salesman job but kept at his dream and became of world-class physicists), Henry Ford (his first two companies went bankrupt but finally was successful in car production and changed industrial business practices and methodologies), Winston Churchill (considered past his peak for top leadership, rejected by his father, rejected by his own country and King, lead the world and Great Britain in the fight against racist and fascist Nazi Germany in the face of strong political opposition that worked to remove him and often questioned his strategy, and he was removed from office immediately after he “won the war” only to come back and become Prime Minister a second time! Churchill was famous for his power to express what was needed in the darkest hours, “Never, never, never give up!)

These examples of people who never gave up often did so without a spiritual anchor. What about people of faith?

William Tyndale (was run out of England and eventually captured and executed, but not before he produced the first English translation of the Bible).

Jeremiah the Prophet (faced opposition for his message from God, was imprisoned on false charges of desertion, his prophetic writings were literally cut up and burned in the fire by the King, and was left to die in a muddy cistern pit, only to be rescued and lived to see his prophecy fulfilled).

Paul the Apostle (faced opposition from Christian leaders his whole life, had only limited success in his missionary efforts during his lifetime, was falsely accused, imprisoned several times, and was ultimately executed for treason against the Roman Empire, but ignited a global missionary movement that has lead billions of people to salvation in Jesus).

Jesus the Messiah (initially his ministry was a huge success with a regional buzz but when people heard his real message his huge following dwindled, he was hounded and hunted down by the religious leaders of Jerusalem and was crucified on the basis of false charges, his core group of disciples abandoned him in his darkest hour, Peter denied him three times, and he was hung on a cross and executed letting the whole world know his mission was a failure while only his Mom, his best friend, John, and Mary Magdalene watched as soldiers, leaders, and the crowds that once followed his every move mocked him as he took his last breath and said, “It is finished.” He accomplished the impossible mission of living a life honorable to God and defeating the power of evil and brokenness of the whole world).

Why were these leaders successful? Didn’t they all die and not see their success? They were successful largely because they didn’t give up, but more importantly they held true to the calling God gave them in faith. They trusted that the mission God gave them and the purposes He had for them would not be stopped by the impossible circumstances they faced. The facts are indisputable that how we feel and how others view us is no true measure of our success. And the underlying truth is that the purposes of God for each person are not measured on a daily basis but in the final outcome of the mission He has for each of us. This is why we must “Never, never, never give up!” because God’s plan for you will succeed if we hold true to the calling and mission He has given us.

Do you feel like all the tires are falling off your vehicle at once and it might just be time to give up on your journey? Again, everyone, all the time, feels like they do not have the resources to keep going. The key is to find hope in God’s purposes for you and never give up. Every single person feels like all the tires are falling off most of the time! If you really knew how “successful” people feel, you would be in good company!

Do you want to quit the projects you desire to accomplish because they are just far more difficult than you ever imagined? Every single person who experienced success felt this way! No one ever did anything significant without hard work, discipline, and the truthful self-talk of never giving up.

Do you want to give up on your faith, your church, and your life? Many have doubted and wanted to die! Jeremiah, Elijah, Paul the Apostle all felt this way, but they were refreshed with new zeal when they re-engaged with the calling God gave them.

Do you want to stop fighting temptation and just “give in?” Giving up on following the path God has set for you is jumping from the frying pan into the fire – literally into the mouth of the Dragon (also known as the Devil, Satan, the Accuser, who wants to eat you alive and burn your life to the ground). The pain of spiritual separation from God is far worse than the trials of temptations. God will give you a place to stand. He will forgive and restore you, and He will keep you in Jesus till your final day. Never give up on fighting the good fight of faith.

Do you want to quit your job? Maybe God is calling you to a new position, but He might also being doing something great through your hardships that you just haven’t seen yet.

Do you want to quit your marriage? God might very well have something more beautiful for you through your trials and teach you the joy of repentance and selfless love.

Do you want to give up on your kids? Children are a gift from God and they have a long road to maturity. Our task is to train them and love them through every twist and turn of life so that they too can never give up and be successful.

The critical factor for your success is trusting in God’s purposes for you and never giving up despite how you may feel, how your circumstances appear, and what people say about you. God has something to say about you: Nothing can separate you from His loving purposes (Rom. 8:28ff). He will complete and keep you to the very end (Phil. 1:6). He daily helps those who trust in Him (Acts 26:22). He will wipe every tear from your eyes and make everything new (Rev. 21:4-5). Never, never, never give up!