Courage.  You can’t lead and win without it.  Finnish drivers lead the world in rally car victories, and they do it with with a culture of driving courage. In Finland, they teach their drivers “sisu.”  Sisu is the Finnish word for “courage,” but its nuances are deeper than our English word can convey.  Sisu means something deeper than basic courage.  Sisu means courage-wisdom-skill, and the ability to face fear to accomplish task at a higher level.  The question is: What task do you face that requires “sisu” to overcome and succeed?

People of faith and desire for victory know that leadership is full of the need for sisu.  We have to face our fears and proceed in faith that God will accomplish more than we ever dreamed possible, and not hold back in a tough turn life throws at us.  We need courage.

Eph. 3:20 tell us that when we operate in our Spirit empowered calling in Christ, God will be able to do more than we can even imagine if we have the courage, or “sisu” to trust Him through every challenging twist of the race.

We need to drive on the road of life with courage.  As a rally car driver faces a turn, he doesn’t just “slow down” but faces the corner with sisu.  That means braking just right, getting the right gear, and accelerating through the turn to maximize the hitting of the apex to perfectly follow through with speed, even in the face of the fear of crashing.  Drivers need courage to face the challenge of the corners and keep the most momentum through them.  Life is full of twists and turns on rough roads that appear dangerous.  Christians need the courage of the Spirit to move forward with maximum momentum and not lose heart.   Today I’m sure you faced some rough turns, and we know many are yet ahead of us in the race of life.  Let’s cultivate a culture of courage and get a little more “sisu” in the Spirit!   God will provide and give us the ability to face the turns for the advance of His Kingdom.

Who is building your house?



Solomon should know… he was a prodigious builder. During his reign the Kingdom of Israel expanded its boarders and buildings on a greater and grander scale than at any other time. However, Solomon’s wisdom led him to sing to the Lord this song…

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat– for he grants sleep to those he loves. (Psa 127:1-2 NIV)

What wisdom is there in this song for us today? For me it’s that my life should not be one exhausting, overly scheduled, no-room for margin, frenetic paced race. So many of us are laboring as if it is up to us to build our homes, lives, and community. Sure we need to work hard, but where is God in our labors? Without God’s strength we labor in vain… destined to burn out, depression, and creating hollow shells that do not have the Lord in them! Do we have the wisdom to trust God to build His house in us and among us or are we carrying that burden on our own? Do we know what it is to have God build the house?

If I were completely honest with myself I’m pretty sure a lot of my life may be “vain” because I’m so often doing thing in my own effort. You can only pull yourself up by your bootstraps so far… how vain!

My prayer for us all is that the Lord would provide the wisdom for us to trust Him as we labor in Him and for Him. May He provide for us what we need for labors that are fruitful and healthy. May He give us the wisdom to do what He calls us and have room for margin and rest in our lives. May He grant rest and sleep to us in His love.